Exhaustion From Joy? A Secret Video?

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Exhaustion from Joy?  Is that really a thing?

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for me.  I released two new books on the market and we had a major party for my baby who turned 9.  So much to celebrate and yet so completely exhausting!!!  I’m not trying to brag here, I really do have a point to make.

After all the excitement, I created a video on Monday to announce the presale of Joy N’Kate: Calm in the Chaos.  When I reviewed the video afterwards, I looked at myself and thought, “Wow – I look SO tired!”  And then I never released the video because I thought that no one would want to see an exhausted looking “Joy”. (More on the video later.)

That’s when I began to reflect on these new feelings.  Exhausted?  Well that is nothing new in my world.  But exhausted and still joyous?  Yeah, that is actually pretty cool.

In the past, when life became exhausting it felt hard and overwhelming.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  This time though, a new set of dynamics came into play where I was putting out so much energy for so long and yet still feeling completely happy.  It is like that feeling when you were a kid and just came home from the best birthday sleepover ever or you just won your team championship in sports.  Exhausted, but so so happy!  And strangely, ready for more.

After taking some time to reflect, it made me realize how I have changed my life completely over the past two years.  It was what I always felt was possible, but wasn’t really sure how to make into a reality.  After many years of research on the subjects of wealth, happiness and success, I’ve finally made sense of it all.  (Yep, money and happiness had perplexed me since the age of 5.)  I’ve attended numerous seminars, read hundreds of books, run a few businesses and had a lot of trials and errors throughout my career over the last 30 years.  Now, here I am.  I’m finally on this new path, looking forward into the future with such enormous excitement.

So why am I sharing this publicly?  No, I’m not trying to piss you off or make you feel less than.  Honestly, I’m not.  It’s because I spoke to an old friend yesterday, who is at the beginning of the path I just traveled.  I’m so excited for her and it made me realize as we chatted, that I can help her smooth the ride. 

She asked me one important question that sparked a revelation inside me.  She asked me, “how do you maintain that space?  You know, that energetic feeling of excitement and motivation for finding your new meaningful path when everything around you in your daily life is dragging you back down and draining your energy?”

That moment is when I realized that I can help. Not only her, but I can help all the souls out there who have come to understand that there is something better for them in this human experience.  You know the people, they have done “all the right things.”  They got the degrees, the titles, the “so called” successes and even made good money. But somewhere deep inside, they still feel there is something missing, something unfulfilled.  (Been there done that.) Do you know anyone like that?

My “Joy” adventure started with a book for children almost two years ago and yet I always knew it was just the start of something much much bigger.  And so, as I continue on this path of Joy, I am expanding my repertoire to help adults too.  Want more Joy, more excitement and satisfaction in your life?  Want to find that THING you are supposed to be doing?  Want to feel that joyous exhaustion instead of overwhelmed?  Reach out and let me know and I will share with you what I’m doing to help.  I’ll will also be releasing more information soon about my ever-expanding portfolio and ways you can jump on this exciting train with me.  It is so much more fun to travel with friends, right?

Thanks for taking a moment with me and I hope you at least feel a ray of hope for the future ahead.  And, if you want to see that video I was talking about earlier, here is the link.  Just please overlook the bags under my eyes and my puffy face…LOL!  That’s why I’m releasing this today for you, so you can witness a life of exhausted joy.

N’Joy,  ~ Kristina

Stay Calm, Joy N’Kate – Now Released!

We are SO thrilled to announce that the second book of the Joy N’the Void series, Joy N’Kate – Calm in the Chaos is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com If you preorder now, the book will be shipped around mid-June. Or like last time, maybe even earlier!KATE_COVER Front Only

Preorders help ensure that Amazon will keep Joy N’Kate in stock and to secure Prime shipping.  We would love to help families stay calm in the chaos for years to come.  Your support means so much to us and the those needing calm throughout the world.  Click HERE to place your order directly at Amazon.com.

Thank you for all your support and we appreciate you spreading the word!

N’Joy ~ Kristina

Feeling Chaotic? Get ready for CALM…

Joy N’Kate:  Calm in the Chaos is just about to be released!  Book 2 of the Joy N’the Void series is at the publisher and I am eagerly awaiting the presale date.  Stay calm and I will keep you posted as soon as I know more.

Want a sneak peek?  Here is an excerpt from the back cover…pg01

With all the craziness going on in the world, how is one child supposed to find calm and happiness in his/her life?  Follow Joy on her second adventure in the Joy N’the Void series, as she helps her friend Kate find Calm in the Chaos.

Together, Joy and Kate explore what kids can do to gain control of their day.  But what if they live in a house filled with stress? Or what if their parents don’t pay attention to them or even use hurtful words?  Can Kate learn the secret to living happily despite her surroundings?

Get comfy, open the book and discover Joy’s family secrets…

N’Joy ~ Kristina



Joy N’Kindle – Let’s Travel!

Joy N’the Void is now available at Amazon.com for your Kindle Fire.  kindle2-with-joyJoy can’t wait to conveniently travel with you and your family as you spread your Joy around the world!  Share a photo with us on Facebook so we can see all the fun places you travel with Joy.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

N’Joy ~ Kristina

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I’m Giving Birth!

Yes, it is true!  And we are SO excited!!!  Okay, okay, I am definitely not pregnant so hold the phone calls.  But I am giving birth to the second book in the Joy series!  Joy N’Kate – Calm in the Chaos is in it’s last trimester so keep watching for more news about its due date.

Big thanks for everyone’s love and support as I continue this journey of sharing Joy with the world. Much love and appreciation to each of you for sharing this ride with me.

N’Joy!  ~ Kristina


2017 – The Year of Awesome!!!

Let me just start by saying that I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I’m not sure I ever have. Instead, my husband and I choose a theme for the year.  Something bigger than a specific action, more like a way we want to “BE” during our year ahead.  Sometimes we have the same theme and sometimes we don’t.  As long as it is a positive theme, it counts!images

Many years ago, when we came up with the theme idea, we decided our theme would be “The Year of Gluttony!”  We went to every fine dining event, traveled just to experience food and wine in different regions and took every opportunity to live it up with our friends.  It was a great year, although I must admit it was followed up by the theme, “Year of Good Health.”  I still look at that Year of Gluttony lovingly but realized that our themes needed to have more meaning for our personal growth.  And certainly, not one that grows my belly again.

This year, I have deemed it to be “The Year of Awesome!” I came up with it a few weeks before Christmas when I was reflecting upon all the things that have changed over this past year.  Moving forward, I really wanted a year to look back on and recall in amazement of how awesome our lives truly are and be inspired to continue to appreciate the miracles that happen daily.  I wanted a theme that I could follow for 2017 that when I looked back sometime in the future, I would recall now I lived my most awesome self each and every day.  What could be better than that really?

So, I hope you will join me in this “Year of Awesome” and share with me all the awesomeness in your life too.  I wish all of you the most amazing 2017 filled with love, joy and miracles.

N’Joy!  ~ Kristina



Let’s Unite in Kindness Today

Let’s join together, fill our hearts with kindness and share the joy that is deep down in our souls with the rest of the world.  Will you be part of the healing?  If so, please share this video and keep kindness in your heart with everyone you interact with today.  Thank you for all your love and support.

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N’Joy! ~ Kristina

The Secret Power of Sorry – Work & Home

Have you ever been in a meeting and someone or ‘team of someones’ totally dropped the ball and no one admits to it?  Annoying right?  Then everyone starts to form an opinion about who did what (or didn’t do what). They point fingers, argue and spend cycles of time trying to pick up the pieces of how to recover.  And most people walk away from the meeting disgruntled with harsh judgements or negative thoughts about someone they want to blame for the whole mess.  Sounds productive.oops-dreamstime_m_29840798

Let’s go down a different road for a moment and imagine this scenario.  After a tough day, you come home to find the kids getting crazy over homework, dinner is coming together too slowly because of interruptions and the tension builds.  Finally, one of the kids pulls an attitude or spills soda on his/her homework and that’s it, you lose it.  Explosion!  In the height of the event, you demand that your child fixes the problem and says their sorry.  Now no one in the house feels good.

What do these two events have in common?  Stress?  Yes of course, but more importantly both scenarios are missing out on the secret power of sorry.  The power of an apology is so grossly underrated. As we witness in the elections, we are living in a culture of finger pointing and the blame game.  Many adults have even been raised to believe that saying sorry shows weakness.  How can we continue to “Make America Great” if we aren’t a part of the solution?  Blaming others clearly changes nothing.

So, do you want to know the truth, the secret about sorry?  Do you want be a part of elevating humanity?  Here is the truth – admitting you have made a mistake and saying sorry actually builds trust.

Simple as that, trust!  You may have never realized how many times we weaken the trust between ourselves and our employees, coworkers, partners, spouses or children.  Just by utilizing this simple tool, you can build more open and candid communication, increase productivity and strengthen bonds. 

Let’s review the two scenarios again and see what can happen when we add in the secret of sorry.

Scenario 1 – The office debacle:

The meeting takes a turn and the mistake has been uncovered.  This time, the boss of the ball dropping teams steps up and says, “That was my responsibility.  I should have reviewed the process before signing off on that.  I’m am so sorry and I will fix it.”  Do you think there is any finger pointing going to happen after that?  He has been exposed, no need to spin cycles or enjoy the blame game.  No wasted time either.

In fact, it may not have even been his mistake.  It most likely started with someone on his team but he took ownership and apologized.  What does that show his team?  That he supports them even when things are less than perfect.  Trust building.  What about the others in the room?  Although they still won’t be happy because of the issue at hand, they will know going forward that when his team makes a mistake, they will admit to it and work to make it right.  Trust building.

What happens over time is what makes this so incredibly powerful.  People on a team with a leader brave enough to admit to his/her errors start to own up to their mistakes more often too.  What would more trust, open communication and elevated ownership, feel like in your company?  Would you be more willing to take risks and offer alternative solutions if you know you could trust your boss or team?  Just imagine how much more productive you could be.  Not to mention, a less stressful environment.

Scenario 2 – The home chaos:

So who is to blame for the mess in that played out scenario?  It seemed like one thing after another just built up and finally exploded, right?  Let’s say the story played out exactly as before.  I’m guessing there might be yelling, crying, possible door slamming to follow.  But what if the mother stops for a moment, after completely losing it, and takes her child aside and wholeheartedly says she is sorry.

I can hear you slamming on the brakes and asking what would the mother need to apologize for? She is stressed, the kids aren’t being helpful, yadda yadda.  Do you think the mother would find it acceptable if her child screamed out and lost it at a seemingly small mishap?  Think about it and swap the explosion for a moment from the mom to the kid.  Nope, never acceptable for the child to lose it. 

So we want our kids to learn how to control themselves, be kind, be polite and say their sorry, right?  They learn from us and mostly by observation.  I’m going to guess most of the time, as parents, we don’t really look at the whole scenario and take accountability for our actions either.  We may do a better job of it at work, but I welcome you to be your own observer for a day at home.child-drawing-world-dreamstime_m_2677972

So what would happen if the mother did take a deep breath, give her child a hug and apologize for her mistake?  What if she told the child that parents make mistakes too and it wasn’t right that she raised her voice?  She goes on to explain that she had a tough day, but that doesn’t make it right to have flown off the handle. How do you think that might change the whole rest of the evening?  (And yes, then it is time for the child to say they are sorry too.) Trust building.

It builds trust with a child when you as a parent can admit to your wrongs and show them how to make it right.  You can teach them that It is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to admit to them. They need a brave role model on how to behave in order to grow up be that boss in the first scenario.  How can we expect our children to learn this? Only we can be the example.

How do you think that will change the communication between a parent and a child?  Between a husband and a wife?  Think trust building.  You never know, it might just change everything.

Can you see how powerful the word sorry can be in all of our relationships?  It isn’t a weakness at all.  It builds trust, opens communication and creates better bonds.  Can you imagine a workplace, a household or even a government that could embrace this simple yet powerful tool?  We may not be able to change anyone else, but we can surely start with ourselves and be a good role model to all the lives we touch.  Maybe can all be the change that we need.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will share this powerful message with others.

N’Joy!   ~ Kristina